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When fall rolls in and the weather changes, it means a lot more time inside.  It also means we start putting away our summer cloths to pull out fall sweaters and jeans again.  It also means we move into the holiday season and changing out all our home decor to decorate our home for the holidays.  As we pull out the things we use in the new season and we also start to put away the past seasons.  This change of season is a perfect time to help rid our homes of "stuff" we have been collecting that may no longer serve our needs and have simply been taking up "space."

This is a perfect time to declutter all that stuff you might have just pushed aside all summer by simply hiding in closets as a "I'll get to later task."

I am a true believer of the more clutter and stuff we collect and see, the more our minds are cluttered too.  We subconsciously are adding stress and anxiety to our life as we "see" stuff laying around and taking up space in our homes and in our minds.  We constantly think - "I need to do something with that", as we close the door to the bigger thought of "I'll get to it later."  Both these thoughts take up space in our mind, so why not start to ease those thoughts and get these things out of the home and even more, out of your mind.

This is why I created a list of 30 ways to help you declutter your home and ease that stress by helping you have a clear, organized home.

You can use this as a 30 day challenge or just tackle one task a day.  You can also just use this checklist as an overall home declutter/organization action plan.  It's simply a list of 30 areas in your home that you can choose from to start tossing or donating items to help clear the clutter.  Use it for things to do on a weekend or just pick and choose items you can do in 15-30 minutes a day.  Your choice, totally go at your own pace.  But, it's that slight edge approach, a little bit daily and over time will make a big difference in how your home "feels" and ultimately how your mind is less cluttered and stressed.

You can download my Home Decluttering Checklist, absolutely free, here 

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I can't wait to hear how this has helped you organize your home.

- Heather Buchman