Ellicott City surprised by Gordon Ramsey

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Last week there was this big "secret" around Ellicott City.  It started with lots of road closures and disruptions to life in old Historic Ellicott City.  It suddenly became clear that something big was happening when the trucks came rolling in with the logo from Gordon Ramsey's hit show - 24 Hours to Hell and Back  through the main streets.

If you aren't from the Howard County, Maryland area, you may not realize that this historic town suffered a huge flood back in 2016.  Many businesses were destroyed from all the water & storm damage.  It probably took most of those business 1-2 years to clean up the city and rebuild.  Just as they were getting back on their feet, 2018 brought a repeat of that disaster when another major flooding event occurred.  Many shops closed for good this time.  Many were left starting all over again.  Can you imagine the lost jobs, income and the costs of repairs twice and what it did to this small town?  Also the emotional roller coaster the owner, residents and the towns people felt.

Yet, many small business came back.  Fighting for their love of this historic city.  The people of the community came to help as much as they could with clean up and donations.  But, it surely was a LONG ROAD for many.

March brought in a, extra sign of hope.  Gordon Ramsey came in and helped 3 local restaurants rebuild in a massive revitalization program.  Phoenix Emporium was one of them.  Gordon Ramsey stated that this town, these restaurants have been through hell and he wanted to bring them back!  

Gordon Ramsey also used the help of Nate Berkus a famous interior designer with a love of Baltimore.  Nate was often seen on Oprah helping give people home makeovers.  He also helped this old historic town with their makeover!  He helped give store fronts some extra jazz and sparkle to give them new life.

The show Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hours of Hell and Back will feature a 2 hour special on May 12 from 8-10 pm on Fox featuring Ellicott City.  You must tune in and see the makeovers.

Of course, if you are local swing by this beautiful town.  It's filled with restaurants, antiques, clothing shops, fitness studios and much more.  Support local business is my motto!!

I took time last night to visit downtown main street and wanted to see what the changes were myself.  I thought I would give you a glimpse of what you will find in this amazing little town with a heart in the middle of Maryland.


Here are 2 of the shopfronts that received a makeover:  The first is the Little Market Cafe.  The other is the Phoenix Brewing Company.

Little Market Cafe Ellicott City       .Phoenix Ellicott City 

I LOVED these new wall murals.  Ellicott City is loaded with talented artist so these fit perfect!  Make sure to look for them when walking around town.

Mural 1 Ellicott City    .mural 2 ellicott city      Mural 3 ellicott city

I promise these aren't the only amazing makeover must see.  But... I want you to go see them for yourself, please plan a day to swing by and check out Historic Ellicott City, your day will not be wasted.  Can't make it, tune in on May 12 to see our beautiful town featured on 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Looking to move to Howard County, Ellicott City or surrounding area, please drop me an email and let me help you find your new home.  

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