Long Reach HS - Football Schedule

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Do you sport local High School events?  I know these kids had a rough 2 years and are looking for a sense of normalcy, especially their last few years of school.

I always LOVED to attend my local high school football games.  Yes, I was also in the band, so had to, but the memories are something I will never forget.  Including having a pretty much losing season every year of my time in high school.  One thing I loved was the packed stadium.  Students and parents made up most of the crowd, but what was fun were the local community members who came out for a Friday night game.  

I want to feature a local high school football schedule - Long Reach.  This high school serves parts of Columbia and Ellicott City, Shipley's Grant area.   This is my home's local HS too.  Why not give these kids and the school some love.  Try and go out and attend a game.  Make it a fun "date night" with your significant other.  Do a blast from the past kinda date, and just relive some of the old memories of being at a local football game, having fun, letting the worries of life disappear for just a few hours.

LONG REACH HIGH SCHOOL - Varsity Football, 2021

Long Reach Football 2021

If football isn't your thing, remember Soccer, Field Hockey, Golf, Volleyball, Cross Country, Lacrosse are also playing in the fall.  If you want to see Long Reach's High School Sports Calendar simply visit there website here for all the dates/times.

I wish I could feature all local High Schools, but there just isn't enough time/space for that.  So I hope I inspired you to check out YOUR local High Schools sports teams's schedules do you can go check out a game.  Have fun!  Cheer for our kids who have had a rough few years and want to graduate and have some of the same fun memories we all have.


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